In middle school, students acquire essential academic and life skills that will equip them for high school and beyond.

Our instructional team will help your students to master skills such as time management, personal organization, and strong study habits. If your student is not at parity to their grade level, we will help them fill that gap by taking a personalized approach based on the student’s needs. On the other hand, advanced students will get a chance to be exposed to high school material to ensure that they remain challenged and motivated during middle school.

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We will work with elementary students on these skills

Academic Skills

  • Pre-algebra
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Social Studies
  • Science

Advance Programs Prep

  • Duke TIP
  • Johns Hopkins CTY
  • Stanford EPGY

Early Test Prep

  • SAT Prep 
  • IOWA Test Prep 

Tutoring Help

Early Learning/Kindergarten

Elementary School Tutoring

Middle School Tutoring

Junior School Tutoring

High School Tutoring

College Admissions