Early Learning and Kindergarten

Kindergarten is an exciting time for many children; for some, it is where they will first learn to read and write.

Start your little learner’s academic career off right by enrolling him or her in our Kindergarten Program. We are among the first tutoring centers in America to use Common Core Standards in our sessions, so your student will be on track to meet or exceed national standards. With one-to-one instruction, your student will receive more individual time than he or she would in the classroom. 

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We will work on these topics and skills

  • Phonics
  • Sight words
  • Writing words
  • Uppercase letters
  • Lowercase letters
  • Rhyming words
  • Addition and subtraction problems
  • Rhyming phrases
  • Number games
  • How to hold a pencil
  • Numbers 1-120
  • Sentence fluency
  • Confidence in reading out loud
  • Shape identification

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