Junior high tutoring

We understand that life in junior high can be stressful. Juggling classes, after-school sports, and teenage drama can easily overwhelm even the most disciplined student.

Studying with our tutors can be a great way for your student to get ready for quizzes and tests and stay on top of homework assignments. Whether your junior high learner needs extra after-school help or just wants to get ahead, Elite Tutoring Place provides assistance tailored to him or her. 

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We will work with junior high students on these skills


  • Connect ratio and rate to multiplication and division (Grade 6)
  • Divide fractions by fractions (Grade 6)
  • Find common factors and multiples (Grade 6)
  • Understand proportional relationships (Grade 7)
  • Work with 2 and 3 dimensional shapes to discover area, surface area, and volume (Grade 7)
  • Solve systems of linear equations (Grade 8)
  • Utilize the Pythagorean Theorem (Grade 8)
  • Graph linear functions (Grade 8)

Language Arts

  • Cite textual evidence
  • Determine central themes and motifs
  • Compare and contrast texts
  • Enrich vocabulary
  • Comprehend science/technical texts
  • Distinguish between facts and speculation in a text
  • Evaluate arguments in a text (Grade 7)
  • Create a thesis (Grade 8)


  • Cite specific textual evidence to support scientific texts
  • Follow multi-step procedure when carrying out experiments
  • Write a comprehensive hypothesis at the beginning of an experiment and a conclusion at the end
  • Determine the meaning of specific symbols and vocabulary in a scientific text
  • Integrate data in a visual representation
  • Distinguish between facts and reasoned judgement

Social Science

  • Cite specific textual evidence to support primary and secondary sources
  • Determine central ideas of sources
  • Understand the fundamentals of historical processes (Bill of Rights, etc)
  • Integrate visual information with textual information
  • Understand the differences between opinion and fact
  • Determine the relationship between primary and secondary sources

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